Prototype Development

Interested in developing a prototype? Have an idea and want to test it? Give it to our students to work on during their Capstone projects. With more than 120 successful projects, our experienced team will supervise to ensure quality delivery.



From the senior staff, world-class instructors, all the way to students, we have a lot of Data Science and Software Engineering talent under one roof. As we like to work as close to industry as possible, our team is available to you to work on your most pressing or challenging needs via our Capstone or Development consulting projects. Having supervised and developed more than 100 industry projects, our experience makes the difference. Through the Capstone Projects phase of our Data Science and Full-Stack Development education programs, Constructor Academy offers corporates and startups the proven opportunity to work together on developing MVPs with the possibility of direct product integration afterwards.


  • clock

    Project can be developed within 3.5 weeks

  • list

    Company sends clear requirements for the project

  • comments

    The company has time for at least one 1-hour session per week to discuss progress

  • book

    The project refers to what our students learn during the Bootcamp



  • clipboard

    Company completes project requirement template for Full-Stack or Data Science project/prototype

  • users

    Constructor Academy team selects students and supervises project

  • comments

    One meeting a week between company and Constructor Academy to follow progress

  • star

    Presentation of the results


Check out some of our final projects

Need some inspiration? Then read more about some of our final projects that we developed with our students.


AnalyzeMyMusic - A data analytics app for your Spotify listening history

Project by:
Hristo Georgiev, David Furrer

Project description

Brain MRI Classification in collaboration with Kantonsspital Winterthur

Project by:
Cornelia Schmitz, Norbert Bräker

Project description

TaxJungle - Help expats choose their perfect Swiss residency

Project by:
Marco Volken, Michelle Naqqar, Immanuel Jaeggi, Michal Wyszowski

Project description

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