Free Python Intro Course

Do you want to take your first steps in coding with Python, one of the most popular programming languages nowadays? We've created this self-paced, interactive and free introduction course just for you!

Python Free Intro Course

Free Python intro course

Free of charge

In this self-paced online tutorial, you will learn about some of the basic programming concepts, like variables, data types, control flow, functions and more. You will learn how all these concepts work and how to use them in Python.

Each section contains theory followed up with some exercises which you can solve directly in our embedded code editor.

Estimated time to complete: 8 hours

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  1. The World of Python

  2. How Python works

  3. Variables and Data Types

  4. Data Structures

  5. Control Flow and Loops

  6. Functions and Functional Programming

Who is this course for?

People starting with coding

This course is right for you, if you want to get started with programming.

People interested in our Python short course

If you are interested in doing our Python short course, but you don't have any experience with coding, this course will help you to prepare for it.

Do you want to learn more about Python?

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