Referral Program

A gift exchange between past and future students!

Referral program

Program details

Think you know some people who could benefit from our programs just like you did? That’s great because if you get them to apply and join one of the full-time or part-time bootcamps, there’s a double bonus:

  • The person you refer gets a CHF/EUR 150 discount on the course tuition and you get a CHF/EUR 150 gift voucher.
  • Friends, family, colleagues, old and new, … everyone is eligible. They just need to go through you.

How it works

  1. A new student being referred adds your full name as Referrer name to their application form.
  2. The student applying will immediately receive a CHF/EUR 150 discount on their tuition.
  3. Once the student has completed their 1st month at Constructor Academy, you as the referrer will receive an email.
  4. Respond to the email, by telling us which company you’d like to receive your gift voucher from (Digitec, Apple Store, or the restaurant of your choice).
  5. We’ll get back to you with your CHF/EUR 150 gift voucher! You can benefit from the referral program several times and will receive a gift voucher each time you successfully refer a new student.


Students whose tuition is paid by the employment office will not be eligible for the discount on the tuition. However, you as the referrer will still receive a gift voucher!