The Constructor Academy ecosystem thrives in many ways thanks to its partners. From businesses to associations, our partner network covers a wide spectrum, each offering something special to past, current, and prospective students

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You will build a prototype during the Capstone phase of the program but do you want to take it one step further and commercialize it? Do you have an engineering background and want to participate in a rotation program that will give you experiences throughout three different companies? Maybe you’re curious to see what education institutions Constructor Academy partners up and teaches with? You might even get some ECTS credits. There’s also support from the government for the unemployed and a scholarship available to women without the financial means to get into tech. Read our partner offers below for more details.

Business partners


Direct connection to F10 FinTech Incubator team to participate in the Prototype to Product challenge for students looking to commercialize their final projects.

M&F Engineering

Opportunity for students to apply for M&F's cross-company software trainee program upon completion of the Full-Stack course.

data innovation alliance

Constructor Academy students and alumni benefit from the data innovation alliance projects, events and network of experts.


Our students who are interested in starting their own tech start-up can benefit from our partnership with Bluelion Incubator, a Zurich-based start-up incubator.

Z by HP

Z by HP proudly sponsored us with eight personal workstations for our students to use during their bootcamp. They also have provided our esteemed data science instructor, Ekaterina Butyugina, with a mobile workstation with a GPU.

Education partners


Constructor Academy is part of the Constructor Group, an international Swiss educational and research institution, where we teach part of the Master's program.

Constructor University Bremen

Constructor Academy offers its short courses as part of the continuing education program at Constructor University.


The Constructor Academy Data Science team teaches the CAS on Machine Intelligence.


The Constructor Academy Data Science team teaches various modules of the Master of Science in Applied Information and Data Science program. Constructor Academy Data Science students get 30 ECTS credits applicable to the Master’s program after graduation, equivalent to one semester.



For those insured by the Regionalen Arbeitsvermittlungszentren (RAV) and interested in one of our programs, contact your consultant for more details and to see if you qualify.


Promoting diversity in tech with women++ via the bootcamp scholarship initiative available to select women in need of financial assistance.


The BVMW is a network of selected companies that are committed to the further development of medium-sized businesses.



digitalswitzerland is a Swiss-wide, cross-industry initiative that aims to strengthen and anchor Switzerland as a leading global location for digital innovation.

Swiss Startup Association

Swiss Startup Association (SSA) gives the Swiss startup ecosystem a collective voice in society, business and politics.

EdTech Collider

The Swiss EdTech Collider, a non-profit association based at the EPFL Innovation Park, is dedicated to ambitious entrepreneurs who are transforming education and learning through technology.