Constructor Academy launches new part-time Coding and Data Science Bootcamps

by Daniela Meier

New part-time Bootcamp
Zurich, April 22, 2021 

With a successful track record and an alumni base of 450 graduates, Constructor Academy now makes its popular bootcamps available to those who want a career change in tech while staying with their jobs.

The new format of part-time bootcamps, with lectures every Tuesday and Thursday evening (remote) as well as every second Saturday on our Campus in Zürich, allows students to keep working in their existing companies while at the same time doing the bootcamp and learning new skills to take the next step in their careers or change career paths.

In the new part-time program, students learn the same tools and technologies as the full-time programs in just 22 weeks, it is opening up new opportunities for those that might not be able to leave their jobs or take 3 months off.

Many potential learners can’t afford to leave their jobs or take a sabbatical. Some high-ranked executives also want to be 100 percent sure they want to start a new career before leaving everything behind. Especially during such unpredictable times, anything involving change is perceived as a risk. The part-time bootcamp addresses all these concerns.  

Laurent, CEO of Constructor Academy says: “We’ve been getting requests for part-time programs for quite a while, and we have been devising the right format in the process. We’re now ready to make it happen. Many companies don’t want to let their employees attend our bootcamps because it means they’ll be gone for a couple of months. Constructor Academy thinks companies will now be more open-minded about a part-time program and support their employees, which will also be an opportunity for them to upskill their current workforce.” 

About Constructor Academy

Constructor Academy is an education hub in management and technology skills for students, professionals, and organizations. Delivering courses on the latest in-demand skills on the market and consulting services, allowing clients to benefit from our experts for industry projects. Located in Switzerland, Germany, UAE and remote, Constructor Academy is dedicated to bringing the most advanced learning tools and knowledge to everyone ranging from aspiring data scientists and software developers to the professionals who play a leading role in the digital transformation of their organizations. Serving as a bridge between management and digital technologies, Constructor Academy enables individuals and organizations to continuously evolve, succeed and thrive in the digital transformation journey, whether they aspire to lead their companies into the future or to become IT specialists.

Over 800 students have graduated from Constructor Academy since 2016 and are now working for such prestigious companies as Swisscom, Novartis, Pictet, Kayak, Swiss International Airlines as well as new startups. Corporate clients include Tamedia, Ringier, Six Financial Services, Die Mobiliar, ...

Constructor Academy’s programs have a unique focus on practicality and industry readiness. Students work on real projects from companies and startups, getting effective hands-on preparation for the job market. Both students and companies praise Constructor Academy's quality, from student selection to individual attention during the courses, personal assistance in preparing the CV and support throughout the job application process. Technology is the future and Constructor Academy helps students to prepare for the changes it brings to the local economy. 

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