A day in the life of a student at Constructor Academy

by Julia Devecchi

A day in the life of a student

Deep dive into learning: a day in our Zurich classroom

Our classes begin at 9:00 in Zurich. We arrive a little earlier to get set up in the classroom and make sure we’ve got all the right tabs open to get started with the lecture. Before class starts, we exchange yesterday’s exercises while grabbing a cup of coffee in the house.

Our Program Manager introduces us to the topic of the week, and we start diving deeper into the core fundamentals of the subject. Around 10:00 we take a short break to recharge, sometimes we join a short meditation session to clear up our heads. Then there are some more concepts, and we gain a greater understanding of the topic.

Midday delights: exploring Zurich's lunchtime options with a run along the river (run optional)

At 12:00 we stop for a short lunch break. We either bring along some food and warm it up in the microwave or when it’s warm enough we go down to the river and enjoy our lunch outside. Being Zurich there are multiple food options close by and grocery stores around the corner. There’s also the ever-famous running club that you can join for a 5k run over lunch.

From problem-solving to Ping Pong: a productive afternoon in the classroom

At 13:00 we head back to the classroom and get started on exercises to gain more practical skills. We work together with other students to get through problems and ask the teaching assistants for help when we get lost.

The afternoon is long, so whenever we need breaks, we can step outside for some fresh air, a coffee refill, or challenge someone to a Ping Pong match. When we’re reenergized, we continue working on exercises. The class is truly diverse, so some people leave earlier due to other commitments and some of us stay late to finish the afternoon challenge.

From alumni insights to company presentations: diverse evenings at Constructor Academy

The evenings vary greatly. On some days we have former students who come to give us a talk about how their experience was, where they’re working now, as well as some advice for our time at Constructor Academy. On other days we have companies that come and present to us. At some point during the week, there’s a movie night where both classes mix to watch a movie.

Balancing tech and adventure: maximizing weekends in Zurich

Weekends are off, although some of us come to class to review the week's content and prepare for the following week. But with Saturday and Sunday off, there’s plenty of time left to explore Zurich and the rest of Switzerland, as well as attend tech-related events.

Fridays filled with fun

And Fridays, well Fridays, are for parties. Beer is on the house!

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