Our Full-Stack class #15 presents their final projects

by Guillaume Robert

Capstone projects Full-Stack class #15
After 12 intense and exciting weeks of our Full-Stack coding bootcboot camp students from Batch #15 (February 1 - April 23, 2021) presented 3 projects as part of their 3-week Capstone phase of the program. With the supervision and support of the Constructor Academy team, each group of students was able to define the problem, research options, and deliver the following projects: (1) a digital solution for the company AXPO (2) create a stock/crypto portfolio app from scratch (3) build a scientific annotation tool for the Goes Foundation.
Today we would like to share a short description of how these prototypes look like and what the next steps are:

AXPO - DJONE – Earth Measurement App 

Students: Justyna ZurawskaDavid BrownOded WinbergerNassim RamadanErhan Ulker
The purpose of the project was to build a tool that would for the field teams at Axpo that would help them calculate and visualize all ground measurement data, especially for utility poles. Our students' solution was to offer a multilingual dashboard designed for tablets for them to take measurements and export reports.
Current features:
  • Authentication for users invited by administrators; administrators get their own interface
  • User can create a new measurement project, check all the previous reports and the map & graph related to each report, export a report if needed (PDF format)
  • User can modify his/her profile

Future features:
  • Get an offline version in areas of radio shadow
  • Improve and offer more translations
  • Improve the UX, especially regarding the outdoor and various weather conditions
  • Adapt the design for mobile use

 axpo home

axpo mapping

axpo report

KRYPTOSTOCK - Cryptocurrency apps

Students: Kanoknuch Klopfenstein, Domenico Dongiovanni, Cindy ReberTenzin Namdak ShitsetsangJuan Miguel Sánchez Arce
As crypto buyers, some members of the team developed a customized tool for them to analyze the latest cryptocurrency trends. Kryptostock was born as a "one-stop app" that collects all the latest news to give a general overview, but also information related to the user's portfolio.
Current features:
  • Authentication and registration of users thanks to an email and validation by code
  • Dashboard that displays all market trends for each cryptocurrency
  • Registration of your own portfolios to track your investment
  • Analysis 
Future features:
  • Connect to exchanges and execute market orders like buying or selling
  • More customization for each user
  • Improve the desktop version
  • Develop a native app for mobile
  • Integrate social media

 Kryptostock app overview

GOES - Plankton app

Students: Mario MarchiorelloDusko Radović, Ezequias Calvo LadmannDino RossiAndras Gombos
With the biomass collapsing in Amazonia, it is really important to monitor all the sources to allow us to reverse climate change. Plankton,the true lungs of the planet, is one of them and 80% could be gone in 2045 due to pollution. 

Our students worked with the GOES foundation to build a tool that will record all the phytoplankton and the zooplankton (based on microscope samples) to build a dataset of global plankton populations. Thanks to the tool, scientists will be able to share their results with the community for each region where the samples were collected.
Current features:
  • Authentication and registration of users thanks to an email and validation by code
  • Access to a global map to get all the sample information from all over the world
  • Function to add more samples and analyze them to get the correct number of phytoplankton and the zooplankton
Future features:
  • Improve the annotator tool to get more information about the plankton
  • Improve the mobile and tablet responsiveness
  • Get feedback from the GOES foundation for more features

GOES home

On behalf of Constructor Academy we would like to thank all partner companies and institutions as well as our students for the interesting project phase.

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