Final student projects - Full-Stack Development batch #14

by Ruben Villalon

Full-Stack projects
After 12 weeks of our non-stop coding Bootcamp, our amazing students of the Full-Stack Development Program from batch #14 (November 9, 2020 - February 12, 2021) delivered two web-based applications as part of their 3-week capstone project for Keen Innovation and Constructor Academy. With the support from the Constructor Academy team, our students could define the problem, research options, and finally provide a digital solution.

Today we would like to share a brief description of how these prototypes look like and the next steps:

TaxJungle - Keen Innovation - Help Expats choose their perfect Swiss residency 

Students: Marco Volken, Michelle Naqqar, Immanuel Jaeggi, Michal Wyszowski
Keen Innovation is a Basel-based company that develops innovative solutions for unsolved problems in the local and international Fintech environment. One of the initiatives is TaxJungle, where Keen Innovation is offering information about taxes in Switzerland to expats. This way they have an overview of the cost of living in the different cantons. The challenge for our students was to find extra functionalities for the TaxJungel user and improve their experience.

For this purpose, the following features and components were implemented:
  • Authentication system for 2 profiles: administrator, capable of creating articles and individual user, able to not only explore all the web applications but also make comments on articles
  • Page where the user can navigate on an interactive map built on D3 technology to show the details of the taxes per canton and city
  • Side panel where personal information from the user can be entered for an updated and personalized tax details based on income, age, marital status, and/or children
  • Search functionality for a specific city and automatic selection
  • Zoom and navigation through the entire interactive map
  • Social Media components in a form of a blog:
    • Explore and read articles on different topics like taxes, rent, banking, and insurance
    • Write comments on the articles
    • Share the articles to most popular social media platforms
    • Create articles by category with pictures and videos
  • Profile management where you can edit the information from your account like first name, last name, avatar, location, about, email, and also be able to delete your account
The Future of the platform:
  • Make mobile fully responsive
  • Integrate additional data layers to the map to calculate a rating to the cities based on the information provided by the user
  • Chat functionality
  • Delivery to the Keen team for analysis and feedback
Final student project TaxJungle: tax map Zurich

Final student project TaxJungle: blog

Student Performance Tracker - Constructor Academy

Students: Michaela Saratova, Salomon Adler, Patrick Roth, Salvatore Dinini

In fast-paced programs like our Full-Stack Bootcamp, it can be particularly challenging to keep all the information and performance about the students up-to-date during the program, in addition to coordinating with all the instructors, updating the curriculum, group assignments, or booking guest speakers. For this, our students decided to create a platform that handles all of these tasks in one web application in a way to save time and have an easier overview of the student’s journey in the Bootcamp for the Full-Stack team.

The platform is called Student Performance Tracker and comes with the following features and capabilities:
  • Authentication system (administrator profile)
  • Create new programs:
    • Starting
    • Graduation Date    
    • Description of the program
  • Create new students with personal information, status, groups where they are participating, and the current grade
  • Create new topics per day and week modules with their respective exercises
  • Create and assigning of instructors and expertise
  • Assign a grade after reviewing the exercises or assignments from the students
Outlook of the Student Performance Tracker:
  • Fully mobile-responsive
  • Delivery to the Constructor Academy team for testing and feedback
  • Add extra profiles with different permissions
  • Offer the platform as white label solutions for more bootcamps
Final student project Student Performance Tracker: profile

Final student project Student Performance Tracker: overview

On behalf of Constructor Academy, I would like to thank all students and partner companies for the realization of these interesting projects and for creating added value.

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