Final student projects - Full-Stack class #13

by Ruben Villalon

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The final project in our Full-Stack Web Development Program is the most important module of the Bootcamp. For 3,5 weeks the students from our last batch (Batch 13 - from August 31 - November 20) created fully functional prototypes and features for companies like Auto-Graf and MQ-Learning, from scratch or set the technical foundation for a future startup with their own project ideas. With the support from the Full-Stack team, our students were committed to deliver a solid solution using edge technologies in web development.

I would like to present you the following four projects, that the last Full-Stack class has worked on:

Meaning Quotient: Corporate Workshop Booking System

Students: Stefan MattmullerJoost IdemaMatias LavinRomulo Roriz

The company offers a range of online and in-class seminars and workshops for companies that want their employees to improve their personal lives and professional work, also for the benefit of the organization by creating a better environment, increasing productivity and building stronger teams.
Meaning Quotient currently uses external services with limited functionalities to manage the booking of their seminars. The company therefore requested a better way to serve its customers and its internal reporting by integrating an all in one platform. The platform should enable a company to buy tokens that can be assigned to their employees later, which can choose the seminar they would like. The platform has the following features:
  • Authentication system for 3 profiles: Platform administrator, company representative and employees or individual user
  • Create, edit, delete and post new seminars and details
  • Companies are able to buy tokens
  • Tokens are assigned to specific users in a customized amount
  • Users (employees) can use the tokens on any event based on the amount of available tokens
  • Tokens expiration
  • Payment integration with Stripe to enable the purchase of tokens on the platform
  • Integrate data from WIX
  • Mobile friendly
  • Presentation to Meaning Quotient for user testing and feedback
Final project Meaning Quotient Login Webpage

Final project Meaning Quotient overview webpage

Final project Meaning Quotient article webpage

VOIMA AG - Auto-Graf: Extension to interact with sales representatives

Students: Timon RitziDavide DerosaNamse Fröhlich

Voima is a digital marketing agency that supports companies with technology and one of their clients is Auto-Graf, an automobile partner for BMW and MINI in Switzerland. Auto-Graf identified the need for a better way to connect their current and future clients with their sales representatives. 
The developed application is an extension of their existing website, where customers and visitors will have access to a platform, where they can view articles and blogs written by the sales representatives and have the option for a live chat.
Some features and functionalities that were developed during the final project phase are:
  • Authentication capabilities for the sales representative and clients
  • Social media components like posts, likes and comments for the sales representatives profiles
  • Live chat browser integrated functionality that allows the client or the visitor to establish communication with a specific available sales representative
  • Maintenance and display of the authenticated users
  • The next steps include the development of a platform on Auto-Graf servers for Beta Testing
  • More functionality and settings on the chat, like saving the conversations and being able to download it
  • Integrate a button on the current website to redirect to the platform
Final project VIOMA Auto-Graf Verkaufsteam webpage

Final project VIOMA Auto-Graf webpage

5aid: 5-min restaurant invoice management system

Students: Tobias GujerLina Siegrist-ChooMarkus GigerViren Thakur

One of our students, Markus Giger, is the manager of a middle size restaurant. Part of his job is to manage all the invoicing for the suppliers that are sent in different formats and then forward them to the accountant. However, he found the need to get more information about the invoicing. For example to see the cost from a specific item in a certain period of time, to determine whether there is some saving potential, or for example if the item has an unnecessary large inventory. With all the information he could get from the invoices, he would then be able to create a more efficient purchase plan. The solution to this problem was to create a platform that gives you an overview of your invoicing and get answers in five or less minutes. The features of this new developed platform include: 
  • Authentication system for the user management
  • Dashboard component, where the user can see at a glance the analysis of the data in diagrams
  • Search and selection functionality and time range that retrieve a summary for the chosen item
  • The most crucial feature to be added will be the extraction of the data from the invoices from your phone camera or imported from a CSV file. This automation process will speed up drastically the way the invoices are processed into the platform
  • Fully mobile friendly
  • Export reports in different formats like PDF or EXCEL
  • Additional languages (German/English)
  • Offer it for free to other restaurants to get feedback
Final project 5aid app

Final project 5aid dashboard

Final project 5aid overview invoices

FreshGarden: Platform to connect people

Students: Aleksandra NikolovAlexander MäderSami Ben Ali

In Switzerland, there are about 22,000 allotment gardens (Schrebergärten) throughout the country. The owners or tenants are very passionate and grow all kinds of vegetables and fruit, to the point that at the end of the season they have a huge surplus of a certain vegetable or fruit, or they lack the time to take care of their allotment gardens. With this problem in mind, the team came up with the idea of developing a platform to connect these people, to sell and trade the overstock they have. The platform is called FreshGarden and comes with the following features:
  •  Authentication System with standard and premium version
  • Shopping cart functionality
  • Add new products for sale or trade
  • Search functionality
  •  Add payment system like Stripe
  • Create public events for trading 
  • Make it fully mobile responsive
Final project FreshGarden dashboard
On behalf of Constructor Academy I would like to thank all students and partner companies for the realization of these interesting projects and for creating added value. 

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