Full Stack Capstone Projects #20

by Ruben Villalon

This blog post highlights the projects of our Full-Stack students from Batch #20. Check out the results they have achieved in so little time. Below are the fascinating projects they implemented in the final month of the three-month program.


ProjectUP - A platform for submitting, approving, and showcasing projects for Constructor Academy

Students: Sven RüeggAndrea ButuzaJan ZimmermannSimon Krüger

Students of Constructor Academy are required to showcase their skills at the end of their learning journey in the form of a development project. Companies or students themselves are asked to hand in ideas with a description, wireframes, or additional requirements to the program managers. The program managers then review the ideas, select suitable projects, and assign them to a group of students. In turn, students can are granted the opportunity to build their portfolios for their application process. Real-world projects are excellent learning opportunities for the students to gain practical experience in a safe and controlled environment. Currently, ideas are collected and reviewed manually through Word Documents.

This project aims to provide an open platform through which registered individuals can pitch their ideas for final projects to the boot camp administrators. An example of this could be a nonprofit organization in need of a tech solution, perhaps companies aiming for prototypes to explore new ground or students on fire for a creative idea they want to realize.


  • Submit projects through the web form so project owners can pitch their ideas to the program managers
  • Manage projects (review, edit, assign, approve) by the program administrators
  • Get assigned or subscribe to projects as a student

Future features
  • Showcase your projects by posting them to a personal portfolio page after completion as graduate
  • Overview of already developed projects
  • Graduates page with short descriptions and contact details – links to personal project portfolio
  • Personal portfolio page for each student
  • Students can add to the description his/her contribution per project on the portfolio page
  • Project owners/team members can add testimonials to finished projects



Ringier AdPreview - An interactive tool for RiAd to create and preview online Ads

Students: Fabian Hofer, Jonas Holenstein, Alain Sadri

Ringier Advertisement (RiAd) offers to differ their client's different formats of online ads way to provide a preview of the chosen ad to their clients feels inconvenient.

The solution will be an interactive site, where RiAd creates the Ad in a simple, straightforward way for their clients. They can then easily preview, review and if happy approve the Ad. The ad templates are all managed and administered in the backend by RiAd.

User interface of AdPreview

  • Create Previews for Clients/Agencies for Ad-Formats (special or IAB-Standard)
  • Possibility to approve/disapprove designed Ads from the client side
  • Client-Management
  • Template management for admins in the backend (upload templates)

Future features
  • Editing of templates directly in the backend
  • Communication through API with different Ad Server-Systems (Google, Xandr) to pull & push Ad-Templates directly

Example of AdPreview and the problem it solves


DropShop - A shopping platform with simplified logistics for small and medium-scale businesses

Students: Sandeep Dharnia, Daniel Kött, Melissa Guimaraes, Alex Bender, Julian Bräuninger

In this day and age, information technology has made the requirement for even small and medium businesses to have a presence on the Internet to keep up with their competitors. The problem is that they might struggle to find a solution that offers both simplicity and a high level of customizability to cater to their needs. DropShop aims at tackling both of those issues by implementing a logistics management tool for the seller, choosing what item to sell, what item to discount and other custom possibilities by performing a simple drag and drop, the changes being immediately displayed on the client side.

Image of the user-side of the website Dropshop

  • Drag and drop for shop organization
  • Highly customizable kanban board for the seller
  • Instant application on the changes on seller side to client-side

Headphones form Dropshop

Future features
  • Optimization for mobile users
  • Improve scalability for medium and large businesses
  • Customizable frontend

Backend of Dropshop


TeamUP - An intuitive sports venue booking application

Students: Rachel Frischknecht, Curtis Sanderson, Nour Hussein, Reto Schneider, Daniel Orihuela

Doing sports has always been beneficial and recommended for most people. The problem is that to play a team sport, like football or basketball, one either needs to be part of a club or have the required amount of players of the same sport among their friends to all be available at the same time.

TeamUP solves both of those problems at once by making the user able to reserve any spot available at any venue, at the time slot they require, for the sport of their liking and at the position they wish to play, in a matter of seconds.

Users can also invite guests to fill up their spots if they’re not alone but yet not enough to make a team.

TeamUp Webpage - with sports

  • Straight forward booking process of sports venues
  • Multiple types of sports, fields and formats available
  • Registration of venues and time slots by a venue owner
  • Look for sports events by date and location

TeamUp Webpage - Home page

Future features
  • Enable payment with a credit card using Stripe systems.
  • Add venues tied to sports federations with custom services (videos, lessons…)
  • Optimization for smartphones
  • Geolocation

Choose player field

Thank you everybody for a fantastic time and an amazing project period! Constructor Academy wishes all our Full-stack graduates the best for their future.


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