Full-Stack capstone projects #21

by Ruben Villalon

This blog post highlights the projects of our Full-Stack students from batch #21. Check out the results they have achieved in such a short amount of time. Below is a list of fascinating projects our students implemented in the final month of the three-month program.


Bagforeveryone - an e-commerce application with a social platform

Students: Stefan Guler, Manuel Winkler, Alina Pankova, Vedran Vitas, Sibel Garofalo



Bagforeveryone is a non-government organization that supports refugees awaiting asylum in refugee camps on the Greek island of Lesvos, Greece. Their contribution is offering educational support and supporting the infrastructure financially. They are organizing and financing local workshops to teach sewing.
Currently, it is a simple e-commerce site built using WordPress. This project aimed to enhance the user experience and transform the site into a platform with sharing options to help spread awareness of the cause. The team decided to re-invent the site using modern technologies to create a new user-friendly platform and include a web shop as a side feature.


  • Stripe as a payment solution
  • A registration process to create users
  • Allow users to create posts and comments
  • Personalized donations, not only money but other material items


Features to implement in the future:

  • Include additional payment methods, for example, Twint
  • More functionalities for the social media aspect to increase awareness
  • Multi-lingual support 
  • Include more personalization options for the user


Valtech consultant scheduling dashboard - enhance the current consultant scheduling dashboard

Students: Laura van Os, Levente Pap, Yevgeni Samarin, Miri Yoo

Valtech uses a dashboard to manage the availability of their current consultants. The goal of the project was to redesign the dashboard to provide a user-friendly experience, as well as implement an intuitive overview for consultant availability.

The team built a platform that tracked employees and project details. The dashboard included indicators of efficiency and the current project status. This assisted the consultants in their decision and planning processes and promotes efficiency. The team also provided an additional solution, in which a shared timeframe is assigned to the projects and employees simultaneously. This allows for dynamic changes in deadlines. This means that when a project is running shorter or longer than expected, the availability of assigned staff is adjusted as well.

  • Redesigned and combined two existing apps into one
  • Implemented the option to book a consultant within the same app
  • Implemented a dashboard with key indicators of relevant company data for quick analysis
  • Functionality to create a new project or new consultant

Features to implement in the future:
  • Send a Google calendar invite to the consultant when they are booked for a project
  • Include employee holidays for better planning
  • Graphic calendar to visualize consultants’ availability


Social Code - a social media platform for developers

Students: Alexander Honegger, Kitti Horvath, Jeison Rodriguez Salaman, Mads Jensen, Giorgi Delev


No, it’s not just another social media site to post your silly pictures.
This is a platform for developers only. The purpose of the platform is to bring a community of like-minded people around the world closer together. A community where developers can interact, learn, share opportunities, and represent themselves. On this platform ideas can come to life and assistance for developers can be provided. 
One can join by invitation only, which will ensure that the community is composed of people with similar interests. Members can earn points which can be used to invite people from the outside to join the platform. Points are earned through participation, such as providing solutions to code problems. In addition, users can earn badges and rise in ranking through activity and time spent on the platform.

  • Ability to create posts with text, images, and code snippets
  • Able to run the code snippets in different programming languages
  • Endorse a post by liking it, or giving badges
  • Personalize the user profile


Features to implement in the future:
  • Have different chatrooms
  • Connect to other social media sites
  • Implement code challenges
  • Multiple color themes
  • Multi-language support

 Thank you everybody for a fantastic time and an amazing project period! We wish all our Full-Stack graduates the best for their future.


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