Full-Stack capstone projects #23

by Ruben Villalon

In this blog post, we are pleased to present four exceptional projects developed by students of our Full-Stack Development bootcamp (Batch #23). Despite the short duration of the program, we are proud of what they have achieved, and we are sure that you will be impressed as well. Join us as we take a glimpse at the projects they completed in as little as three weeks of the three-month program.


TrueVR Systems: Booking Management System

Students: Sasha Golijanin, Marta Bilbao Areitio, Florian Winkler, Tolgay Dülger

TrueVR Systems is a company that produces and distributes exclusive virtual reality solutions for location-based entertainment venues. Their solutions are comparable to escape rooms, laser tag, or similar games but with the use of VR technology.

For this purpose, in addition to in-house adventures, they provide various software solutions to their partners.

In their current challenge, they find that existing booking systems often do not meet the complex needs of a VR Center, especially when it comes to managing different game types and court configurations.

Managing bookings efficiently has been a major challenge for VR Centers, resulting in various issues such as double bookings, conflicts, and discontented customers. To manage these problems, staff have to manually handle bookings and customer inquiries, which can lead to mistakes and increased workload. Furthermore, customers often face difficulty in booking their preferred time slots online, causing frustration and missed business opportunities.

The solution: A booking management system application

The students have developed a comprehensive booking system that solves these problems by providing a user-friendly interface for both center owners and customers and allows the user to get real time availability updates. 

Current features:

  • Efficient booking management for VR center owners, including availability setting and time slot blocking for maintenance or private events.
  • Comprehensive information about all locations and games available in each city.
  • User-friendly booking process with a calendar and easy date selection.
  • Payment integration with Stripe for seamless transactions.
  • Secure authentication and user profile interface, displaying current bookings, game statistics, and results, as well as upcoming events.
  • Modern and minimalist mobile design with a trendy dark mode feature.


Features to implement in the future:

  • Global statistics and leaderboards for enhanced user engagement.
  • Community-oriented features, such as profile sharing, game invitations, posting, reacting to game results, and creating tournaments, to foster a vibrant gaming community.

InvenFlow: Smart inventory solution

Students: Nicolas Ponce, Pablo Wyss Stump, Hatice Kübra Anik, Enrico Giangrossi


Weltenmann is a young company that specializes in selling espadrilles. As their business grows, they face the challenge of efficiently managing their inventory to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a smooth supply chain. Recognizing the need for a streamlined solution, they sought out a tailored inventory management system to meet their specific requirements.

The team created InvenFlow, a centralized warehouse manager created with the goal of replacing several different existing solutions while keeping in mind and ease of usage by the end user.

In that respect, InvenFlow incorporates technical solutions such as a real-time inventory checker, the automatic creation of barcodes and QR codes linked to the SKUs of the products upon their arrival in stock, the ability to reach a particular product page directly from scanning the respective QR code and having a one-page reports overview for easy reading.

Current features:

  • Carefully customized to meet the unique requirements of Weltenmann
  • Intuitive interface designed for effortless navigation
  • Streamlined inventory updates through QR code scanning
  • Detailed reports with visual aids for easy analysis
  • Facilitating the connection between merchants and partners to enhance stock procurement and resale capabilities.


Features to implement in the future:

  • Develop a mobile application for managing inventory on the go.
  • Enhanced partner features for more streamlined communication.
  • Expanded analytics capabilities for more in-depth reporting.
  • Modularity for different infrastructures for potential new clients.


HealActively: Your back pain-free app

Students: Daniel Heuser, Laysa Uchoa, Enzo Potenzone

Tips and tricks page

Back pain affects millions of people worldwide, often causing life-changing discomfort. Despite the prevalence of this issue, traditional therapies such as massages and exercises often fall short of providing the relief that patients desperately seek. This can result in a long and tedious journey without a clear solution in sight.

This is why HealActively is an application that offers a personalized self-management platform for Chronic Back Pain and support exercises and lessons. Based on an initial assessment, the application can generate specific exercises in a 12-week program that will take care of the specific problem every user have. The mobile application contains a series of features that will help the user to manage their training and their results.

Current features:

  • Authentication: Users can create their personal accounts where information such as saved programs and details about their pain is hosted.
  • Assessment: There is a detailed assessment of the current pain situation of the user's back.
  • Analysis: The application has created an algorithm that will set a personalized weekly and daily based program for the user.
  • Core Program: The program is a 12-week program that includes exercises on a form or videos and lessons. The videos have options to pause and increase and decrease the intensity of the exercises as well.
  • Do's and Don'ts: There is a section where the user can get access to a detailed explanation of what is recommended to stop doing immediately.

Choose difficulty level

Features to implement in the future:

  • The team would like to have the possibility to integrate ChatGTP to provide an assertive chat taking into consideration trained data from the user for a more exact and impactful result.
  • There are also plans to convert the current browser mobile app into a Progressive Web App (PWA) to provide a better user experience by allowing the app to run without an Internet connection.

TimeBee: Time tracking business solution

Students: Peter Vajk, Yuru (Ruby) Huang, Juan Carlos Gallego, Juliane Felix

Charts and dashboard

Time tracking can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially for those who work in countries where it is required by law, such as Germany and Switzerland. TimeBee is an app developed to make time tracking as easy as possible for employees and employers. In addition, the platform provides added value to its users through a dashboard that allows them to analyze how they spent their work time, which can help them identify areas where they could be more efficient and productive.

Current features:

  • task creation to track the time worked on certain tasks
  • starting and stopping the tracking with one click 
  • calendar and graphs for analyzing and managing times
One of the significant advantages of TimeBee is its ease of use. With just a few clicks, users can create tasks and track the time worked on them. This makes it easier for employees to log their work hours accurately and ensure that they are meeting their obligations under the law. Moreover, TimeBee can help business owners track their employees' productivity and ensure that they are using their time effectively.

Another feature that makes TimeBee stand out is its calendar and graphs, which allow users to analyze and manage their work times. The platform offers an intuitive interface that allows users to view their work schedules, see upcoming tasks, and track their progress. This can help employees stay organized and focused, which can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

The app's reports are another valuable feature of TimeBee. The platform creates reports that can be required by HR, which can help business owners stay compliant with labor laws. Moreover, these reports can also provide insights into employee productivity and help managers identify areas where they can improve.

Features to implement in the future:

  • Progressive web app 
  • Implementation of third-party apps like calendars
The TimeBee team is also planning to add more features to the app in the future. For example, they are working on making TimeBee a progressive web app, which will make it easier for users to access the platform from any device. Additionally, the team is about to pilot the app, which could lead to more partnerships in the future.

In conclusion, TimeBee is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to track their work time. The platform's ease of use, intuitive interface, and helpful features make it a great solution for those who want to streamline their work-tracking process and get more out of their work time. 

We are thrilled to have highlighted the exceptional work of our Full-Stack Development students and their impressive capstone projects. Their dedication and hard work have resulted in cutting-edge web applications that demonstrate the culmination of their extensive training and expertise. We congratulate each student on their successful completion of the program and wish them all the absolute best as they embark on the next phase of their careers. We have no doubt that they will continue to excel in their respective fields and make valuable contributions to the tech industry.

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