Full-stack capstone projects batch #18

by Ruben Villalon

Full-Stack Development projects class #19
Our last Full-stack Development batch #18 (November 15, 2021 - February 18, 2022) worked on two web applications: one of them was a collaborative app to link gig seekers with clients while the other one is a revamp of a project the previous batch of Constructor Academy worked on. The web applications were built during the Capstone project phase, the last three weeks of the program. You’ll find the project details below.

Ping Pong - A Collaborative Platform Between Apprentices and Clients

Students: Giuseppe Di Guglielmo, Janice Shaw, Constantinos Chondros, Maximilian Hagen
One of the biggest struggles for young adults in our time is to get their first jobs, as regular businesses can be reluctant to hire them fearing a lack of work quality due to having no previous experience. Coincidentally, access to specific services can be a hassle for people needing them.
The students developed Ping Pong with those concerns in mind and the application links together clients in the need of a service, and students or apprentices in a straightforward way. Clients can fill up a need including a professional category, a level of emergency and a budget while gig seekers have a wide array of filters at their disposal such as the category or the distance to the client, to sort out the most appropriate jobs for them.

Current features:
  • Mobile-first designed application
  • Prioritization of requests based on urgency
  • Filtering for listed jobs and helpers based on category and geolocation.
  • Rate and review members and helpers

Future features:
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) for installation as an app
  • Adding further parameters for filtering (budget, rating…)
  • Gamification implementation with incentives

PingPong helper overview PingPong job request PingPong Job list
1) Helper overview
2) Job request
3) Job list

SocialMe - A social media aggregator

Students: Tetiana Zimmerman, Stefan Geringer, Olga Ulrich, Tara Kumar Sunuwar
Today, it's increasingly important for businesses to have visibility on social media, as potential clients have more and more presence on those platforms. But doing a marketing campaign on each platform, one by one, is a time-consuming task. SocialMe addresses this issue by aggregating all major social media in one place.
This application allows users to simultaneously post on every social media platform for which they have a registered account and to schedule the process for a particular date. It offers aggregated access to data relative to their social-media activity, or feedback from the users such as the general amount of likes or shares.

Current features:
  • Simultaneous cross-platform posting
  • Posts scheduling
  • Analytics between all social media platforms
  • Advanced analytics for single social media

Future features:
  • Implementation of more platforms (Youtube, Pinterest…)
  • Mobile centered version, progressive web app
  • Voice assistant feature
  • Adding further analytics for the reports

SocialMe post creation
Post creation

Calender for scheduling posts


Account overview

We would like to thank all of our students for their efforts during the program and in the Capstone project phase!

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