Full-stack Capstone projects batch #22

by Ruben Villalon

Our Full-Stack Development batch #23 (November 14, 2022 - February 17, 2023) undertook the development of two notable web applications. These include a centralized coupons application, as well as a flat-share management tool.

Voucher Wallet - A centralized platform for coupons

Students: Manuel Ahlert, Neha Shrikant, Hitesh Malhotra, Kewin Allenspach

Although coupon platforms have existed for years, they typically operate as aggregators for clients who add coupons that can be redeemed by anyone. Voucher Wallet gives complete control to the shops for the coupon’s delivery. Through categories, they can tailor them to reach their target customers efficiently and are responsible for their creation.

Personal coupons

Once the template for the coupon is created, clients can redeem them via a unique code, so they can only be used once per client. A limitation based on the number of coupons can be applied along with the classic time limit.

Coupon creation

Current features:

  • Separate profiles for shops and clients
  • Full control of the coupon management for shops
  • Categorization of coupons for client targeting
  • Unique usage coupon generation

Shop created coupons

The application created by the team offers a comprehensive dashboard that allows users to access a variety of features. With “Your Coupons”, users can create and manage their own coupons, while “Shop Coupons” provides access to a marketplace of pre-existing discounts. The “Coupon Creation” feature enables users to generate custom coupons with various parameters such as expiration dates, redemption limits, and discount values. The app's Analytics Board provides valuable insights into coupon usage and effectiveness, allowing users to make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. By providing a sneak peek into these various features, users can see firsthand how the application can streamline their coupon management and enhance their marketing efforts.



Future features:

The Voucher Wallet team is constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience and add new features to their application. Some of the future features they would like to explore include a loyalty system to prioritize the best clients and reward their loyalty, as well as a friend system that enables users to share their vouchers with friends and family. Additionally, the team is interested in developing a mobile design for the application to provide a more seamless and convenient user experience on mobile devices. By exploring these features, the Voucher Wallet team aims to provide even more value to their users and help them save money while shopping.


MyNest - a shared-flat management application

Students: Laura Balestra, Andre Galfetti, Yaiza Aragonés-Soria, Vjosa Haxhiu, Julia Reva

With the general rise of the price of rent worldwide, flat sharing has become ever so popular. While there are several options at the disposal of people looking for a share, there is no specialized application that makes it easier for tenants to manage everyday life in their community.

User dashboard

MyNest is a solution that centralizes several management tasks between flat mates. It reduces the hassle of dealing with them separately, which can lead to errors and conflicts.

After the creation of a community of flat mates, it has access to a message board. It’s possible to create shared budgets, shared expenses for utilities and rent, lists of groceries, add a list of tasks and many more.

Shared shopping list/expenses

Current features:

  • A community of flat mates
  • Events planning through a shared calendar
  • Inventory management for shared items
  • Shared expenses between flatmates

Shared expenses

Future features:

The MyNest team made additional plans for improving their product and exploring new features. One area they would like to focus on in the future is the development of a user dashboard that provides easy access to all the app's features in one place, streamlining the user experience. They also plan to integrate external APIs such as Google Calendar, TWINT, and PayPal to enhance functionality and provide users with more payment options. 

Task board

We are thrilled to have highlighted the exceptional work of our Full-Stack Development students and their impressive capstone projects. Their dedication and hard work have resulted in cutting-edge web applications that demonstrate the culmination of their extensive training and expertise. We congratulate each student on their successful completion of the program and wish them all the absolute best as they embark on the next phase of their careers. We have no doubt that they will continue to excel in their respective fields and make valuable contributions to the tech industry.

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