Full-stack capstone projects batch #25

by Ruben Villalon

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We would like to congratulate our Full-stack bootcamp graduates in August. We are extremely happy to be part of your coding journey and all the efforts throughout the intense program for the last three months.

Within this brief duration, our students in Zurich and Munich demonstrated exceptional skills and unbreakable dedication. Their progress was amazing as they successfully tackled the challenges of all the individual and group projects, indicative of their understanding of the full-stack development principles, not only technical but also problem-solving, creativity, and innovation.

Our Full-stack bootcamp graduates have developed their stack with Javascript, React, Python, Django, Postgres, Digital Ocean, and Docker. This comprehensive toolkit gave our developers the right tools to face the challenges of the current state of the software development industry.

Let's take a moment to explore their final projects, this batch has developed two projects called BeFertile, a Fertility Enhancement mobile application, and Climate Cockpit.

BeFertile: A technologically advanced fertility enhancement Platform

Students: Julian Cox, Luka Ravlija, and Vilma Ahumada


beFertile app calendar view

About the company

BeFertile is a team that specializes in supporting conception and pregnancy. They use Traditional Chinese Medicine, clinical nutrition, coaching, and their extensive experience in comprehensive reproductive medicine to gain the best results and increase the potential of couples to accomplish their mission to conceive,

Description of the project

BeFertile is a mobile-first platform to assist and support the concept through a personalized app that will calculate the best days to conceive, in addition to recommendations dedicated for each case based on the results of an integrated questionnaire, that provides data from the partners and also complemented with lab tests.

BeFertile app homescreen

Technical features

  • Authentication system: Users can be created with different roles and permissions for the clients and also the administrators. 
  • Questionnaire: A very specific questionnaire has been implemented during the main part of the user profile creation, This data serves as a pivotal input for the next stages of the fertility assessment process.
  • Integrated DNA test kit ordering system: The platform integrates a genetic testing services test to be purchased in the app, to enhance the accuracy and reliability of genetic information.
  • Fertility score generation: The app will model a fertility score to provide a reference of their potential to conceive and future improvements.
  • Personalized recommendations: Based on the data collected from the questionnaire, the application will create a personalized list of recommendations to improve the quality of the score.

beFertile app fertility score

Technological stack

The development of BeFertile was built with frontend frameworks such as React, Tailwind, and Javascript for the responsiveness of the user interface. For the backend, infrastructure the application was coded using Python, Django, and a relational database called Postgres, Docker, and GitLab CI/CD for the deployment of the application to Digital Ocean.


The BeFertile application will be handed over to the team for future user testing to determine how much scalability the company can get.
Integration of Stripe when the user makes the order of the DNA test in the application. This will minimize the need to process payments within the company and automate the delivery and order of the tests.
Develop the machine Learning part to be used for the recommendations based on the user profile data and the questionnaire.
Expand the application to also to online clinic functionality, with a full booking platform with specific doctors, managing appointments, documents, and reports.

We are extremely happy about the result of this project. Constructor Academy's Full-stack bootcamp has equipped them to navigate the complexities of this project, ensuring that the BeFertile app can be used and tested shortly. Julian, Vilma, and Luka have a brilliant future ahead. 

Climate Cockpit

Students: Thomas Reinhard, Ching-Ting Huang, Alona Zherdetska and Andriy Pokrovskyi

Current problem:

While surveys frequently identify climate change as a major issue, there's a widespread lack of understanding about effective solutions and personal action steps.

Homescreen of Climate Cockpit

Description of the project:

Climate Cockpit is an interactive, visual platform that enables users to assess various climate solutions and their impact on Switzerland's greenhouse gas emissions. It offers an engaging way for users to learn about and support different climate solutions, track and compare their own GHG emission impact with friends, and become more environmentally aware.

Climate cockpit displaying options to calculate your carbon footprint

Technical features:

  • Dashboard showing Switzerland’s GHG emissions.
  • Interactive list of climate solutions with their respective impact on reducing Switzerland’s GHG emissions.
  • Detailed information about climate solutions including explanations, progress updates, videos, and articles.
  • Personalized climate profiles for users who support solutions.
  • Social features allow users to connect, compare climate profiles, and engage with each other through posts and comments.
  • Interaction with AI users, such as a fact checker and motivator, providing feedback on posts.

Climate cockpit chat functionality and social aspect


The prototype, completed as a final project at Constructor Academy, incorporates climate solutions and a social media aspect. The alpha version, set for release in March 2023, will focus on visual UI/UX design, visual identity branding, knowledge design, and content validation. The beta version will further include climate actions.

Climate cockpit add friends and connect

Project conclusion

In summary, Climate Cockpit is a significant advancement in environmental awareness and action, developed by a dedicated team. It offers a user-friendly interface with comprehensive features, enhancing understanding and participation in climate solutions. The integration of social elements and AI assistance provides a unique user experience, fostering community and accountability. As it evolves from its prototype to alpha and beta versions, Climate Cockpit is poised to become a vital tool in combating climate change.

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