Full-Stack capstone projects full-time batch #26 and part-time #4

by Ruben Villalon

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We would like to congratulate our Full-Stack Bootcamp graduates from November 2023 full-time and September 2023 part-time. It has been a privilege to support your coding journey and witness your dedication throughout this demanding program over the past three months.

Our students demonstrated exceptional abilities and unwavering commitment during the program's three-month duration. Their remarkable progress was evident in their successful completion of both individual and collaborative projects. This achievement signifies their grasp of full-stack development principles, extending beyond technical expertise to encompass problem-solving, creative thinking, and innovative approaches.

Our Full-Stack Bootcamp graduates have developed their stack with Javascript, React, Python, Django, Postgres, Digital Ocean, and Docker. This comprehensive toolkit gave our developers the right tools to face the challenges of the current state of the software development industry. Let's take a moment to explore their final projects; this batch has developed 4 projects in total called DroneZone, Cannabees, Portfolio Reporting, and Factory Forge.

DroneZone: A platform that connects drone enthusiasts.

Students: Evangelos Moraitis, Rafal Kotula, Gustavo Baiao, Emmanuela Romano, Patrick Stossel.


Current problem

People interested in drone activities usually need to go to several applications to find what they are looking for, like footage to Instagram, discussions like Reddit, parts and reviews in Google, or Facebook groups, etc. You need to spend hours of research and get through a steep learning curve only for basics sometimes.


Description of the project

DroneZone is a platform that offers to connect drone hobbyists and professionals in one single application. It focuses on providing an easy way to show the photography and video work from their users, where to find professional services like instructors or repairs, share events to participate in, and interact with other users through discussions.

DroneZone chat threads

Technical Features:

  • Authentication System: Users can be created with different roles and permissions for the clients and also the administrators.
  • Gallery: A feed page to share your photos and videos, watch other content creator’s work, and take ideas and inspiration. The user has the option to create a new gallery and add favorites or filter them by the drone you own.
  • Forums: Here you can easily find the topic you need almost instantly, and if not, start your own discussion threads.
  • Events: Any kind of event can have drones. Not only as the main part, but as a light show for the beginning, bringing presents to the audience, tournaments, gatherings, or some interesting live-streaming footage, so the user does not miss anything in the local drone world.
  • Professional services: On this page, the user can either offer or acquire services about
    • Instructors: Classes for beginners, training for races or tournaments. There are options to filter by location.
    • Repair: You can offer your services or be contacted by other users to fix their drones' parts or increase performance. There are options to filter by location.
  • Drone guide: A page with useful information about drones covering important topics, especially on the laws surrounding drones.

Types of drones

Technological stack:

DroneZone uses a modern technology stack to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience. The website itself is built with React, Tailwind, and Javascript, while the powerful backend runs on Python, Django, and Postgres. It's all seamlessly deployed to Digital Ocean using Docker and GitLab CI/CD.

Create a DroneZone profile


DroneZone will be implementing the following features:
  • Business Verification: A straightforward method for authenticating service-providing companies and individuals, such as instructors or drone repair technicians.
  • Chat Features: A direct communication platform for dedicated enthusiasts to connect with peers.
  • Newsfeed: A centralized source aggregating the latest drone news, technologies, events, and more from across the web.
  • Marketplace: A convenient platform for users interested in purchasing retail or custom drones from fellow enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Additional Features: These include the creation of groups and teams, expansion of professional service categories (e.g., mapping, surveying, agricultural monitoring, infrastructure inspection), and the introduction of competition/racing as a distinct category.
  • Drone Comparison/Builder App: An application for comparing drones and exploring different cameras and accessories.
  • Tutorial Guides: Comprehensive guides offering optimal drone settings for specific conditions (e.g., night video recording).

DroneZone video footage feed


Constructor Academy's Full-Stack Bootcamp has equipped them with tools to create this full platform for drone lovers. Evangelos, Rafal, Gustavo, Emmanuela, and Patrick have a brilliant future ahead.


Students: Maxim Greiner, Satoko Gruson, Esther Park, Nadja Rosarno Starovic.

MeetMate logo


In an era where businesses seek efficiency and cohesion in meeting management, our team identified significant gaps in the workflows of such processes, particularly in the context of digital documentation and storage.

MeetMate membership profile

Description of the project

ur pilot integration project, initiated with a budding start-up named Cannabees, which is spearheading a management platform tailored for cannabis social clubs, was met with three primary challenges. These included the necessity for meticulous record-keeping for compliance, the urgency to digitize official documents, and the complexity of adopting hybrid meeting technologies.

Schedule upcoming meetings in MeetMate

Technical Features

  • Dashboard Functionality: Enables users to navigate and oversee meetings with ease.
  • Meeting Scheduling: Integrates Google Meet into a user-friendly interface to facilitate seamless meeting coordination.
  • Post-Meeting Follow-up: Automates the creation of minutes and ensures their distribution in PDF format without manual intervention.
Create guidelines for your organization


The technical stack ensures that the MeetMate Meeting Management app is both powerful and user-friendly:
  • Frontend: Employs Mantine for crafting a responsive user interface, coupled with TypeScript for solid development, and Redux for efficient data management.
  • Backend: Leveraged the Python and Django framework for robust backend functionality.
  • Database Management: Utilized Postgres for secure and scalable data storage.
  • Deployment Infrastructure: The app is hosted on DigitalOcean, utilizing Docker for optimal containerization and Nginx for seamless server management.
  • DevOps Strategy: Implementation of GitLab for continuous integration and deployment, ensuring fluid updates and operational procedures.
MeetMate meeting notesCreate a meeting in MeetMate

Project Outlook

  • Operational Refinement: Continuous enhancement of meeting management functions.
  • Audit Compliance: Reinforcing documentation and record-keeping for immediate compliance adherence.
  • Member Engagement: Introducing advanced tools for better information exchange, encouraging active participation through features like commenting and voting systems.
  • Notification System: Advanced alerts for new meetings and reminders to keep participants informed.
Make notes in MeetMateMeetMate invitation

Project conclusion

The MeetMate group project revolutionizes meeting management for small businesses and groups, streamlining the process for more efficient and effective gatherings. MeetMate promises to be an invaluable tool for those looking to conduct smoother and more productive meetings. We extend our best wishes to Maxim, Satoko, Esther, and Nadja for a successful career ahead as full-stack developers.

Portfolio Reporting: Empower your wealth.

Students: Andrea Panzitta, Anna Slavutskaya, Ricardo Landolt, Shadrack Sachikonye.

Portfolio report logo

Current problem

Investors today face the challenge of managing their wealth spread across various custodian banks and booking centers, owning multiple asset classes. The complexity of obtaining a consolidated overview of their wealth poses a significant hurdle. This lack of centralized information makes it difficult for investors to assess their asset allocation, evaluate performance, and gauge associated risks.

The dashboard

Description of the project

In response to these challenges, we introduce a Portfolio Reporting project designed to empower users to monitor their wealth seamlessly. The project aims to provide users with a comprehensive tool that allows them to manually input all their wealth assets, connect to a market value data feed for real-time valuations, and track the evolution of their investments. Furthermore, the app provides the capability to compute performance metrics and visualize them, offering investors a holistic view of their financial portfolio.

The transfers

Technical features

  • Overview dashboard: The project features an intuitive overview dashboard, providing users with a centralized hub to view a consolidated summary of all their assets. This dashboard offers at-a-glance insights into their wealth distribution, performance metrics, and other key indicators.
  • Transaction tracking: Users can access a dedicated page for tracking all their financial transactions. This feature allows investors to review and analyze their historical transactions, providing a detailed record of every financial move within their portfolio.
  • Movement analysis: The app includes a page specifically designed for movement analysis, enabling users to delve deeper into the dynamics of their portfolio. This feature allows for a comprehensive understanding of how assets are moving and evolving.
  • Transaction entry: Investors can seamlessly add new transactions through the app, ensuring that their portfolio remains up-to-date. This capability allows users to maintain an accurate and real-time record of their financial activities.

buy and sell platform

Technological stack

  • Frontend: The user interface is developed using React for dynamic rendering, Redux for state management, Styled Components for modular styling, and React Plotly.js for interactive data visualization the application is deployed on Netlify
  • Backend: DjangoREST, powered by Python, serves as the backend infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication between the frontend and the database. The data is stored and managed using PostgreSQL. Heroku handles the continuous deployment.
  • DevOps: GitLab is utilized for version control, streamlining collaboration among developers.

Project outlook

As we strive to continuously enhance the user experience, future improvements are already in the pipeline. The project will explore integrations with open banking, providing users with even more accurate and real-time financial data. Additionally, a mobile version of the app is on the horizon, ensuring users can monitor their wealth on the go. An AI assistant will also be introduced to provide personalized insights and recommendations, taking the portfolio reporting experience to the next level.


In a world where managing wealth is becoming increasingly complex, our Portfolio Reporting project emerges as a solution that not only addresses current challenges but also anticipates the evolving needs of investors. By providing a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and a robust technological stack, we empower users to take control of their financial destinies. The future holds exciting possibilities as we continue to innovate and refine the app, making wealth monitoring a seamless and enriching experience.

Factory Forge: Innovate. Organize. Succeed.

Students: Janis Hiestand, Vancho Andonov, Luca Oliverio, Rhema Bales.

Forge Fractor Logo


FactoryForge is driven by a core motivation: to empower start-up businesses with the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive market. We understand the challenges faced by emerging enterprises, particularly in managing inventory, processing orders, and analyzing performance metrics. Our motivation stems from a desire to simplify these critical aspects of business operations, enabling start-ups to focus on growth and innovation without the burden of cumbersome administrative tasks. By providing intuitive, user-friendly software that streamlines resource management, we aim to level the playing field for emerging entrepreneurs and catalyze their path to success. FactoryForge is more than just a software application – it's a commitment to supporting the dreams and aspirations of start-up entrepreneurs everywhere. We are motivated by the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless businesses, helping them turn their visions into reality and write their own success stories.

The dashboard of ForgeFactory


FactoryForge is a comprehensive application designed to empower start-up businesses with efficient resource management capabilities. Built with the needs of burgeoning enterprises in mind, FactoryForge offers a robust solution for managing inventory, processing orders, and analyzing business performance. With FactoryForge, users can seamlessly handle client orders, track raw material inventory, and gain valuable insights through intuitive analytics tools. The application features a user-friendly interface, streamlined navigation, and customizable settings, making it easy for businesses to stay organized and productive. From the dashboard, users can access key metrics such as year-to-date income, expenses, and top-selling products, providing a clear overview of business performance. The inventory management module allows for easy tracking of products and raw materials, with alerts for low stock levels to ensure timely restocking. The orders module enables efficient processing of client orders and raw material orders, with the ability to update, track, and manage orders seamlessly. Additionally, the analytics module offers valuable insights into sales trends, top clients, and most used materials, empowering businesses to make informed decisions.

All listed products 

Technical features

  • Inventory management: The system facilitates efficient inventory management by allowing users to track products and raw materials. Real-time stock updates provide accurate information, and low stock alerts prompt proactive restocking. Users have the flexibility to add, edit, and delete products and raw materials as needed.
  • Order processing: Clients can easily create orders, and the system supports the initiation of raw material orders. Order status can be updated and tracked seamlessly, and past orders are effectively managed within the system. A planned future enhancement includes the ability to edit products within client orders and raw materials within raw material orders.
  • Analytics and insights: The system provides a comprehensive analytics and insights feature through a user-friendly dashboard. Key metrics, year-to-date income and expenses, graphical representations of raw material inventory, top seller analysis, and detailed reports on sold products and most used materials are readily available. Visual charts are incorporated to enhance data interpretation.
  • User management: Efficient user management is ensured with features for handling clients and suppliers. Users can add, edit, and delete clients and suppliers, and search functionality is integrated for quick access to relevant information.
  • Reminder and task management: The system enhances productivity with a dedicated task feature on the dashboard, offering reminders and notifications for pending orders and other actions, ensuring that tasks are efficiently tracked and completed.
  • User interface and navigation: A user-friendly interface is designed with a sidebar menu for easy navigation. The expandable/collapsible sidebar adds to the convenience of users, and the overall layout is intuitive, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.
  • Profile and settings: Users can manage their profiles effectively within the system, including the ability to edit profile information and change passwords, ensuring personalized and secure access.

Technological stack

FactoryForge uses a modern technology stack to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience. The website itself is built with React, Javascript, and integrated libraries such as Redux and Charts.js, while the powerful backend runs on Python, Django, and Postgres and is deployed on Heroku using GitLab CI/CD.

Full overview of client orders

Project outlook

In addition to the outlined features, the project envisions an Enhanced Orders Functionality to further streamline order processing. This enhancement aims to provide more advanced capabilities in managing and modifying orders, ensuring a more dynamic and responsive system.

Recognizing the growing importance of mobile accessibility, the project includes a Mobile App development phase. This strategic initiative aims to extend the system's reach by providing users with a dedicated mobile application, enabling them to conveniently access key functionalities on the go.

Additionally, Enhanced Settings Options will be integrated, introducing standard sorting options for inventory and order lists, such as alphabetical and date added, to facilitate easier navigation.

Together, these additions will contribute to an integrated, efficient, and user-centric inventory and order management solution.

The supplier list

Project conclusion

In conclusion, the FactoryForge project successfully achieved its primary objectives of integrating various resource management modules into a single platform, enhancing efficiency in resource allocation, and providing actionable insights for decision-making.


Final words

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