Interview with Data Science alumna, Lingxuan Zhang

by Claudia Boker

Lingxuan Zhang, former SIT student


Can you introduce yourself? What were you doing before you joined Constructor Academy?

My name is Lingxuan. Before I joined the Data Science Bootcamp, I was a Ph.D. student majoring in transportation planning and management. I studied transportation for many years in China. After graduating, I decided to move to Zurich. Thus, starting my new life and career in Switzerland. 


Why did you do the Data Science Bootcamp? What was your motivation for doing the Data Science Bootcamp?

"I decided to research some online data science courses, but I feel like most of them just give you a piece of the knowledge. I was specifically looking for a program that offered systemic learning. Then I found Constructor Academy. Their unique curriculum is why I choose the Data Science Bootcamp."


What did you do after the Bootcamp? Was it easy for you to find a job?

"I studied transportation for many years and have a lot of experience working on traffic projects. Some of these projects were related to data science, so I had experience working with data and knew a bit of coding.
So, I found a job quickly. Pretty much right after I completed the Bootcamp. Now I work as a data scientist for a start-up that focuses on cyber security. We think like an attacker to build attack models to help companies to improve their cyber security."

Thanks a lot for the interview, Lingxuan. We wish you all the best for your professional and private future. 

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