Interview with Full-Stack alumnus, Gian Hess

by Livia Schmid

Gian Hess Interview

Could you introduce yourself? What were you doing before you joined Constructor Academy and where are you working now?

“My name is Gian and I'm a 23-year-old Software Developer from Switzerland. Before joining Constructor Academy, I worked as a Clerk at an insurance company for both the finance and the legal team. Now I'm a Junior Full-Stack Software developer working for Edge5 here in Zurich.”

How was the application process at Constructor Academy?

“I first completed and submitted my application online. The following day, I got contacted for a personal interview by Ruben, the head of the Full-Stack Development program. This motivational interview is a chance for you to ask all your questions related to the program. At the end of the talk, he explained the process behind the technical interview which was also conducted online. At first, I was a little scared because I'd never written a line of code before, but I got informed about what I needed to learn. Several days later I had the technical interview, also with Ruben, which I gladly passed and then I was accepted into the academy.”

What did you like most about the Full-Stack Development Bootcamp at Constructor Academy?

“There are two things I would like to highlight. Firstly, the people (and I mean all the people) were supportive! From the SIT staff to the teachers and of course my fellow students. We had a blast! We were a class of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, situations, and goals, but what brought my fellow students together was the intention of stepping foot into the IT community. That gave me a lot of motivation. The second thing I would like to mention was the style of teaching used at SIT. We always had lectures in the morning and in the afternoon, we had our time to do exercises at our own pace. At the end of each broader topic, we had a revision week where we spent this time working on a project to repeat everything we have learned.”

What does it take to be a Constructor Academy student?

“A ton of motivation! You don't need a lot of experience. Personally, I had zero background in Software Development. The things you need are a lot of dedication and motivation. You will definitely be lost during the program at some point. I lost track multiple times and I thought that I'd never catch up, but then you revise the stuff and you apply it in projects, and you start connecting all the dots in your head. Just try to keep focused!

For many people, it takes a lot of effort to take the step of acquiring technical skills. What tips do you have to overcome these fears?

“Firstly, they need to be interested in the tech world. Other than that, I would just advise them to try it! If you are afraid of joining a Bootcamp straight away there are multiple ways to learn online or prepare for a Bootcamp (e.g. Free Intro Full-Stack Course).”

Any tips for the job search after completing the Bootcamp?

“The key to getting a job after the Bootcamp is to find the right company for you and to understand the process of applying for developer jobs. The chances are likely that you will get rejected in the beginning because not every company is willing to invest in a Junior Developer. For this reason, I would highly suggest presenting the skills you have acquired during the Bootcamp. You have made multiple projects that you can show to your potential employers (e.g. websites you built). Try to sell your skills rather than your diploma.”


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