Interview with data science alumnus, Adriano Persegani

by Claudia Boker

Adriano Persegani

Meet Adriano Persegani

Hello, I'm Adriano from Italy. I have an educational background in computer science and worked in management for a few years. During my previous job, I did some data analysis, which sparked my interest in diving deeper into the field. That's why I joined the Constructor Academy bootcamp, as it provided an in-person experience. I was particularly drawn to their program and the background of the instructors.

Why did you choose Constructor Academy?

After comparing different bootcamp programs, I chose Constructor Academy because it was the most comprehensive, starting from scratch and focusing on real business cases. I wanted to shift my career towards a more technical path, and this bootcamp seemed perfect for that. Moreover, they offered opportunities to connect with experts in the data science industry, which was important to me. The Capstone project at the end of the boot camp was another significant factor in my decision.

How was the bootcamp? Tell me more about your experience.

The bootcamp was challenging but incredibly rewarding. We learned something new every day and had exercises to practice, along with the solutions. We also had the chance to discuss our activities, which made the learning process even more enriching.

What was your favorite topic?

One of the reasons I joined the boot camp was the hype surrounding GPT models. I wanted to understand how NLP models work, so the NLP module was the most interesting part for me.

What was your biggest challenge during the bootcamp?

Keeping up with the pace of the bootcamp was the most challenging aspect. The amount of knowledge we acquired during those weeks was substantial, and sometimes it felt like there weren't enough hours in the day. However, I managed to find extra time after the boot camp to review the documentation that was available to us.

Tell us about your final project.

For the Capstone project, we focused on NLP, which is my favorite subject. We collaborated with a company specializing in sports, particularly NASCAR competitions. Our task was to label radio communications, and we worked alongside a data scientist to create these labels. After a month of hard work, we came up with effective solutions that the company is now implementing.

If you were to describe your Data Science bootcamp experience at Constructor Academy in just three words, what would they be?

Overall, the bootcamp experience was challenging, mind-opening, and rewarding.

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