Interview with Full-stack alumnus, Sandeep Dharnia

by Claudia Boker


Can you introduce yourself? What were you doing before you joined Constructor Academy?

My name is Sandeep Dharnia and I come from India I'm in Switzerland since November 2016. Currently, I'm doing a bachelor’s degree in computer science and recently I finished the Full-stack coding Bootcamp.


What made you choose Constructor Academy?

When I checked the curriculum of the bootcamp, I realized that that was exactly what I was looking for. Technology is changing so quickly; it is extremely difficult to stay up to date. The components are already there, and the technology is there, you just have to learn how to use them. The Constructor Academy curriculum teaches the most in-demand technologies in the industry today, which was exactly what I looking to learn and my biggest motivation to join the bootcamp.


How was the admission process?

The admission process was smooth. I got two interviews before enrolling in bootcamp. The first interview is a personal interview to understand my motivation for doing the bootcamp. Then they provided me with the preparation materials and after a week I had the technical interview. 


How was the bootcamp? Tell me more about your experience.

The bootcamp itself is very compact, there is so much to be learned in a very short period. There were lots of challenges, but once you finish it and see the outcome, it is beautiful.


What did you like most about the bootcamp?

Constructor Academy teaches us how to use the components that are already there. The technology is already there, we just need to learn how to use them. The idea of the program is not to get deep into each topic and understand every small detail, but rather to understand how the technology works and how to use it. I learned how to use modern technology and how to approach fast-changing technology challenges. This is something that you can't get in traditional learning.


Which was your favorite topic?

I liked the backend the most. Mostly because I am a logical person, and the backend is all logic. At the same time, I also enjoyed experimenting with the frontend. So, overall, it was a really nice experience.


What did you do in your capstone project?

For the capstone project, we developed a web application for retailers. Normally, we see web applications for users, but there are very few simplistic and user-friendly web applications for retailers. Therefore, we decided to develop an application with their requirements in mind. 
As a retailer, they can manage their inventory, sales, and products, including a functionality allowing the retailer to set products on discount. We created a seamless web application with multiple functionalities all under one click. In a combination of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, and Django for the backend we were able to develop a working prototype in as little as 4 weeks. 


How is life after the bootcamp?

After the bootcamp, I still have a lot of things going on. Constantly learning. As I mentioned before I'm a full-time student studying computer science, so I am constantly learning. Aside from my studies, I am still in touch with the other students from my batch, we touch base from time to time. 


Many people are often scared about going to learn tech skills. Why should others follow in your footsteps? What fears do they need to overcome?

Learning a new skill is really hard, but on the other hand, you can learn anything with practice. It's all about practice, practice, and more practice. Nothing is impossible! Everything is possible once you decide it is. Simply use your logical mind, practice, practice and practice and I guarantee that the outcome will be very beautiful.


How was the learning experience different from any other you had?

In the modern era technology is changing so fast and sometimes we need new ways to learn about new emerging technologies. This is exactly what Construction Learning offers, a new way to understand these components and technologies that are already in the market.  The bootcamp teaches us how to use the technology that is out there. Traditional learning forces you to dig deep into topics, and it's impossible to learn everything about one topic that is changing in less than a year. In this fast-changing environment doing a bootcamp is the best way to learn a new skill.
I study computer science online, which means I don't have direct contact with the people and as well as with the teacher professors, this makes the learning process a little more challenging. Another reason why I liked the bootcamp, I always had assistance when I needed it and ample social interaction.

Thanks a lot for the interview, Sandeep. We wish you all the best for your professional and private future. 

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