Interview with UX/UI alumna, Mai Ha

by Claudia Boker


Are you considering a career change or looking to expand your skills? Then you'll be interested in Mai, a private equity assistant from Zurich who recently completed a UX/UI design bootcamp. In this interview, Mai talks about her motivations for signing up for the bootcamp, the valuable lessons she learned, the challenges she faced, and her experience collaborating with other participants. She also talks about the tools and resources that helped her the most during the bootcamp, and shares insights for anyone interested in exploring the world of design. Read on to discover Mai's journey and gain valuable insights into the field of UX/UI design.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Mai, I'm from Zurich. I studied at the University of the Arts in Zurich but realized that it was not for me. I currently work as an assistant in private equity, but I am looking for a role in UX/UI design.


What was your motivation for enrolling in the UX/UI design bootcamp?

I would like to change professionally, and since I turned thirty this year, studying was out of the question for me, which is why I signed up for the bootcamp.


What were some of the most valuable lessons or skills you learned during the UX/UI bootcamp?

I learned that UX/UI isn't about making something pretty and beautiful, but that there is an entire process behind it that people often forget.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the UX/UI bootcamp, and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge for me was time management and also going to a class after a long day. UX and UI are pretty new to me. I think the whole process from research to the end was a challenge for me.


How did you collaborate with other participants during the UXUI bootcamp, and what did you learn from your peers?

Working with the other participants was a lot of fun because we are not in the same place in life, we are all different, in different working situations and life stages, we have different tasks, and it was fun to see how differently we approach a problem and find a solution to it.

What resources and tools did you find most helpful during the UXUI bootcamp, and did you discover any new tools or techniques?

I discovered Figma. We used Figma a lot, and my best friend during bootcamp was YouTube when it came to tools. I learned a lot from the instructors, but we didn't have much time to learn everything about Figma. YouTube helped me fill in the gaps or find solutions when I needed to learn how to do something quickly. 

We would like to express our gratitude to Mai for sharing her experience and insights on completing the UX/UI design bootcamp. Her story shows how important it is to take on new challenges and be open to new things to grow personally and professionally. We wish Mai all the best as she enters the design world, armed with the skills and knowledge she gained in the bootcamp.

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