Interview with Ziba from SIX Group

by Claudia Boker

Ziba Mirza

Meet Ziba Mirza

I'm part of the Identity & Access Management team. We focus on using clustering algorithms and SQL queries to generate data, which is then processed through these algorithms. It's an exciting application of what I learned in my data science bootcamp.

How did the bootcamp prepare you for real-world applications of data science?

Ziba: The bootcamp covered machine learning algorithms, which is essential in my role. I use Python, which I also learned there, to implement these algorithms. It’s thrilling to see the direct application of my training in a real-world setting.

How do you foresee data science evolving, and what advice would you give to stay ahead in the field?

Ziba: It's indeed a growing field. I see it moving towards more specialization. The future of data science, I believe, will shift from general skills to more specific applications and specializations. It's crucial to identify your career path and strengthen skills in those specific areas.

Is there something you wish you had known or focused on more during the bootcamp?

Ziba: Definitely focus on the exercises and coding. The course is broad, so it’s important to delve deeply into areas aligning with your career interests. I wish I had done more of that.

Have any tools or technologies from the bootcamp become essential in your daily work?

Ziba: I initially tried to learn the bootcamp material on my own. I explored open-source libraries and various online courses, including those on YouTube and Udemy. However, it was only after joining Constructor Academy that I really started to grasp the concepts effectively. This bootcamp managed to encapsulate everything I needed to know in a compact and well-curated program. I learned Python in a practical way, focusing on how it's applied in real-world scenarios, which was extremely beneficial. Additionally, gaining essential knowledge about machine learning, various algorithms, and their real-world use cases has been invaluable. I continue to apply this knowledge in my current job.

What networking or job search strategies helped you secure a position at Six Group?

Ziba: After completing the bootcamp, I did a capstone project with SIX. I was in the job market for about six months, during which I did intense networking, attended career fairs, consulted with recruiting experts, and expanded my LinkedIn network. This process was daunting but invaluable in building my confidence and positioning myself in the job market. Although it didn’t always lead to interviews or leads, it gave me the confidence and ability to market myself effectively. This experience was crucial during my interviews and has contributed significantly to my current success at SIX Group.

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