SIT Academy expands to Munich

by Daniela Meier

Expand to Munich
After 4 successful years and over 350 graduates, SIT Academy takes the next step and expands to Munich.

In 2016 a team of Zurich-based software and data science enthusiasts, supported by two renowned ETH professors, started the first Full-Stack Development and Data Science bootcamps in Switzerland. This was the launch of SIT Academy. Their vision: help fill the ever-growing appetite of Swiss industry for top tech talent; give bright, dedicated, driven students of all ages and from all backgrounds a chance to start a successful software-development career; and apply the strictest criteria of quality to deliver graduates at a level of quality worthy of the traditions and expectations of Swiss companies. Four years later, SIT Academy has become a key player in Switzerland’s tech education world, with a variety of advanced programs and over 350 successful alumni.

Now is the time to make the rest of the world benefit from this resounding Swiss success story. The first step in this expansion is one of Europe’s thriving technology hubs: Munich.

SIT Academy’s new Munich campus will open at the beginning of 2021, initially offering localized versions of SIT Academy's most successful intensive bootcamps, Full-Stack and Data Science with others to follow. The new location will enable more students to take the courses and support the company’s growth strategy.

Laurent Meyer, CEO of SIT Academy, explains the reasoning behind this step: “The decision to expand to Munich is a logical step of SIT Academy’s development. The area is rich with prestigious universities, well-known tech companies, and a growing start-up scene. We can have an impact on there by educating the next generation of Software Developers and Data Scientists.

The technology world today knows no firm borders. The model refined in Zurich, with its characteristic Swiss emphasis on quality, close ties to companies, and reliance on top instructors with extensive industry experience, can benefit other major technology hotspots. The need for talented, code-ready developers and data scientists is the same everywhere. The Munich expansion is only the first step in SIT Academy’s strategy of extending the model to promising locations in Europe and beyond, making SIT Academy the reference for quality professional education worldwide.

Propulsion Academy Team

About SIT Academy

Located in the heart of Zurich, SIT Academy (former Propulsion Academy) is the Swiss Academy for Programming and Data Science. SIT Academy’s 12-week programs address those wishing to pursue a career in these fields. A roster of other programs offers part-time training opportunities for corporate clients as well as individuals. Over 350 students have graduated from SIT Academy since 2016 and are now working for such prestigious companies as Swisscom, Novartis, Pictet, Kayak, Swiss International Airlines as well as new startups. Corporate clients include Tamedia, Ringier and Six Financial Services.

SIT Academy's programs have a unique focus on practicality and industry readiness. Students work on real projects from companies and startups, getting an effective hands-on preparation for the job market. Both students and companies praise SIT Academy's quality, from student selection to individual attention during the courses, personal assistance in preparing the CV and support throughout the job application process. Technology is the future and SIT Academy helps students to prepare the changes it brings to the local economy.

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