Top 5 podcasts Data Science & Full-Stack Development

by Livia Schmid

Podcast Recommendations
Not so much into reading? Understandable in the age of information overload. Luckily, there are great alternatives such as podcasts. Of course, it always depends on what type of learner you are. Personally, I find it easiest to listen to learning content and note down the essential passages for me. Reading, however, is still a great option as well. Otherwise I wouldn't write a blogpost about SIT Academy's favorite podcasts.
Since I have already spoken of information overflow: there are countless brilliant podcasts about almost any topic. I narrowed it down to, of course, Data Science and Full-Stack Development. Simply because these two topics are the most interesting ones ;)
At SIT Academy, we train people who want to work in these industries. We offer various short courses on the latest technologies on the market. The long-term programs, either part or full-time, revolve around overarching topics which can be summarized under the term Data Science on the one hand, and Full-Stack Development on the other. We place great importance on our graduates being able to find a job in the industry with the network they have built during the course to implement their desired career change with the knowledge they have acquired. There are two formats to choose from: 3-months (full-time) or 6-months (part-time), both immersive and with the same objectives . We also include in-house lectures from industry  instructors as well as guest speakers, group assignments, around the clock support on our exercises, a final project with one of our partner companies and much more. In addition to the learning content of the program, it is recommended to invest further time in these topics – before, during or after the course – to specialize even more in certain topics.
Along with our blog recommendations, we would like to introduce you to the following podcasts and encourage you to give them a listen:

Data Science:

  1. Data Skeptic
    Covers almost every topic in the world of Data Science through concept-focused mini-episodes as well as longer interviews with researchers and practitioners, which are very entertaining.
    Post frequency: weekly
    Apple l Spotify
  2. DataFramed
    Finding solutions to Data Science problems in the form of interviews with practitioners. Recommended to everyone that  wants to find out in which areas Data Science is being used and how.
    Post frequency: weekly
    Apple l Spotify
  3. Storytelling With Data
    Focuses on the world of data visualization and is aimed primarily at listeners who work or aspire to work in the data industry. The recordings are made by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, bestselling author of “Storytelling With Data”.
    Post frequency: weekly
    Apple l Spotify
  4. Linear Digressions
    More than 250 episodes that focus mainly on Statistics and Machine Learning. One of the hosts, Katie, is the expert who explains the content to the second host, Ben, who knows little about the topics. She takes no longer than 30 minutes to do so.
    Post frequency: weekly
    Apple l Spotify
  5. Towards Data Science
    Episodes about Machine Learning between a host from the Towards Data Science team and a guest working in Data Science.
    Post frequency: weekly
    Apple l Spotify

Full-Stack Development:

  1. Syntax
    The hosts, Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski, who are Full-Stack Developers themselves, dive deep into web development topics, such as JavaScript, recent trends in CSS, simplification of web technologies etc. They even go much further by covering topics like entrepreneurship, soft skills and industry experiences.
    Post frequency: twice a week
    Apple l Spotify
  2. Deploy Friday
    Platform for cloud technologists and developers. Its episodes are full of conversations with software vendors, developers, entrepreneurs, and activists. 
    Post frequency: every Friday
    Apple l Spotify
  3. JavaScirpt Jabber
    Keeps you up-to-date in the world of JavaScript – best practices, tools, testing, deployment, … Every episode features a guest who is a specialist in a specific topic to explore a new subject, running from JS frameworks to careers and JS communities.
    Post frequency: weekly
    Apple l Spotify
  4. ShopTalkShow
    Focus is on front-end web design and development. The hosts, Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier, explore subjects like customer experience, layout and CSS. There are guests joining the discussions and questions answered from the audience during the episode.
    Post frequency: weekly
    Apple l Spotify
  5. Developer Tea
    In addition to longer episodes on various channels, Developer Tea, as the name suggests, offers posts that last no longer than your tea or coffee break (usually around 5-15 mins long). Host Jonathan Cutrell discusses higher level programming and theory topics with various guests, providing interesting perspectives, food for thought, and professional tools on a range of topics.
    Post frequency: multiple times per week

Now enough with reading - let's get to listening to some podcasts. I hope that there is something for everyone among these suggestions. See you next time.

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