Top data science bootcamps in Germany for 2024

by Constructor Academy

Person, die sich einen Kurs ansieht
It's April 2024, and you might be thinking that it's about time to upskill and get aligned with your career goals for the year. But where do you start? Diving into the world of data science might seem like a leap into unknown waters, but imagine finding the perfect guide to not only help you float but to swim with confidence. That's the essence of what a top-notch data science bootcamp in Germany can offer you.

You're probably wondering: "With all the choices out there, how do I find the right bootcamp for me?" No worries—we've done the groundwork. We looked for bootcamps that provide not just any learning experience, but ones that offer hands-on with in-person classes, are vibrant with live lectures, and have rich content that offers  a comprehensive curriculum to ensure that you are ready for your next career step.

Take a look at the list below, read on, and find out which one best suits your goals. You might be surprised at all the bootcamps and what they have to offer. Check out the list below.

Constructor Academy

Data Science - Constructor Academy - Course page

As the tech landscape continues to evolve at a breathtaking pace, the demand for skilled data scientists has never been higher. For those looking to leap into this lucrative field, choosing the right educational path is crucial. That's where Constructor Academy sets itself apart as the premier choice for aspiring data scientists in Germany and beyond. Located in the vibrant tech hubs of Zurich, Munich, and Bremen, and offering flexible remote learning options, Constructor Academy is more than just a bootcamp—it's a gateway to a flourishing tech career.

What sets us apart? Constructor Academy is not just another learning institute; we are a pivotal part of the international Constructor Group, closely linked to prestigious academic institutions like Constructor University and Hochschule Luzern. This unique collaboration ensures our curriculum doesn't just meet the industry standards—it exceeds them, integrating seamlessly with Hochschule Luzern's Master of Science in Applied Information and Data Science program. This means our students don't just learn; they earn credits towards a master's degree, blending career-focused education with solid academic foundations.

At Constructor Academy, we believe in real-world application. Our full-time Data Science bootcamp is meticulously designed to cover essential technologies such as Python, SQL, and Machine Learning, preparing our students to not just participate in the tech world, but to lead it. With live lectures from industry experts, capstone projects with real companies, and an ongoing commitment to career support, we ensure our graduates are not just job-ready but are poised for long-term success.

Why settle for learning when you can transform your career? With Constructor Academy, embark on a journey that bridges academic depth with practical, hands-on experience in the heart of Germany's tech innovation. Discover a world of opportunities and make your mark in the tech industry with Constructor Academy.

Key details:

  • Mode: In-person
  • Duration: Full-time, 40 hours/week for 12 Weeks
  • Subjects: Python, Data Science, SQL, Algorithms, Git, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, MLOps, Data Analytics, NLP, Neural Networks, LLMs
  • Start date: None scheduled
  • Cost: €9'800 
  • Class size: N/A
  • Location: Zurich, Munich, Online
Learn more about the program here: Data Science Bootcamp 

SPICED Academy Data Science

The data science bootcamp - Spiced

SPICED Academy offers a full-time, 12-week Online Data Science Program, described as training for the "sexiest job of the 21st century." The course focuses on hands-on learning, equipping participants with key skills in Python, pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, PostGreS, MongoDB, Docker, and data visualization. Through weekly projects, completed both individually and in teams, students deepen their knowledge in data analysis, machine learning, and more, preparing for a successful career in data science.

Key details:

  • Mode: In-person/online
  • Duration: Full-time, 12 weeks
  • Skills: SQL, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Structures, Data Engineering, Analytics
  • Cost: €9,800
  • Class size: 15
Learn more here: Data Science Program

Code Labs Academy Data Science

Data science bootcamp - codelabs

Code Labs Academy's Data Science Bootcamp is a 24-week intensive course covering Python, SQL, Git, analytics, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, and deployment. Gain essential skills for today's data-driven world through hands-on projects, including a capstone project to demonstrate your comprehensive skill set.

Key details:

  • Mode: Online, with an option in Berlin
  • Duration: Part-time, 20 hours/week, 24 weeks
  • Skills covered: SQL, Python, Machine Learning, Git, Data Structures, Data Science, Data Engineering, Analytics
  • Start date: Rolling start dates
  • Cost: €3,999
  • Class size: N/A
Learn more here: Data Science Bootcamp

Le Wagon Data Science

Le Wagon - Data Science und KI Kurs

Le Wagon's nine-week, full-time data science and AI bootcamp prepares you for a career in data science or to enhance your current role. It covers essential skills like statistics, AI, algorithms, cloud computing, analytics, and machine learning with Python and SQL, focusing on transforming data into actionable insights. You'll learn to explore, clean, and transform data, implement machine learning models, and work effectively in teams, ready to tackle real-world challenges.

Key details:

  • Mode: In-person
  • Duration: Full-time, 9 weeks
  • Skills covered: Algorithms, AI, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Data Science, Data Structures, Visualization, Git, Machine Learning, Python, SQL
  • Cost: € 7900
  • Class size: N/A
  • Locations: Global (including Bali, Munich, Madrid, Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Melbourne, and many more)
Learn more here: Data Science and AI Bootcamp

Data Science Retreat Data Science Immersive

DSR - course page

The DSR program offers a deep dive into data science, covering engineering, analytics, and business aspects over a full-time, 14-week in-person course in Berlin. It provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes Python, SQL, machine learning, statistics, along with essential soft skills like technical presentation. You'll gain expertise in Object Oriented Python, Software Architecture, advanced data visualization with D3, Docker, databases, deep learning, and business communication, equipping you with a diverse skill set for the field.

Key details:

  • Mode: In-person
  • Duration: Full-time, 14 weeks
  • Skills covered: Object Oriented Python, Software Architecture, Data Visualization with D3, Docker, Databases, DS Fundamentals, Advanced Trees, Business Communication, Time Series Analysis, Backpropagation, Deep Learning
  • Cost: €14,414
  • Class size: N/A
  • Location: Berlin
Learn more here: Course info here

WBS Coding School Data Science (Full-time)

Data Science Bootcamp - WBS

Embark on a transformative journey with this Data Science Bootcamp, designed to equip you with essential skills for business analytics, machine learning, and data engineering. Over 15 intensive weeks, you'll dive into Python, Tableau, SQL, and more, mastering the art of data collection, inferential statistics, and deep learning. This program offers both in-person sessions at Weiskopffstraße 16/17, Berlin, and online options, providing flexibility to match your learning preferences.

Key details:

  • Mode: In-person and online (hybrid)
  • Duration: Full-time, 40 hours/week, 15 weeks
  • Skills covered: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Structures, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, MySQL, Python, SQL
  • Start date: None scheduled
  • Cost: €10,500
  • Class size: 18
  • Location: Berlin, Online
Learn more here: Data Science Immersive Program

neue fische

NeueFische - Data Science

neue ische's 12-week bootcamp immerses you in data science with an emphasis on Python, data handling, and machine learning model deployment. Focused on practical skills, it prepares you to develop data products and work on team projects for a GitHub portfolio. Offered in German cities like Hamburg and Munich, the bootcamp supports swift IT career transitions through small classes, hands-on projects, and a final capstone. Committed to diversity and backed by industry partnerships, Neue fische has kickstarted over 900 tech careers.

Key details:

  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: 12 weeks, full-time, 40 hours/week
  • Skills: Python, Machine Learning, GitHub, Data Visualization, AI, Agile
  • Start date: None scheduled
  • Cost: €9,500
  • Class size: 16
  • Locations: Bochum, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Online

For those looking to bridge theory and practice in data science, neue fische offers a robust path to tech careers.
Learn more here: Data Science Bootcamp.


Data Scientist - Data Science Course Page

Founded in 2016, DataScientest is a leading Data Science training provider in Europe, offering specialized courses in Data Analysis, Science, Engineering, and Machine Learning. It features self-paced and live training, including masterclasses and workshops, with over 3000 hours of content. Boasting a 94% completion rate, graduates receive certification from DataScientest and La Sorbonne University. The 12-week bootcamp covers Python, SAS/Excel, programming, web scraping, data visualization, machine learning, recommendation systems, and advanced algorithms, requiring a background in math, statistics, and informatics.

Key details:

  • Mode: Online
  • Duration: Full-time, 35 hours/week, 12 weeks
  • Skills: Neural Networks, NLP, Data Science, AI, Data Visualization (Excel, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh), Machine Learning (Python, SQL, PyMongo, PySpark), Deep Learning (TensorFlow, CNN, RNN, Gans), Reinforcement Learning
  • Start date: None scheduled
  • Cost: €5,990
  • Location: Online
Learn more here: Data Science Training

Let’s wrap it up!

As we round off our guide to Germany's top data science bootcamps for 2024, it's clear there's a wealth of opportunities for those ready to dive into data science. Among these, Constructor Academy emerges as a standout choice, particularly for those seeking to merge hands-on learning with the academic depth offered in tech hubs like Zurich and Munich.

What sets Constructor Academy apart is its unique integration with the Master of Science in Applied Information and Data Science program at Hochschule Luzern, allowing students to earn credits towards a master's degree. This feature is a testament to the academy's commitment to providing a learning experience that serves immediate career advancement while laying the foundation for future academic achievements.

The academy's 12-week Data Science program dives deep into Python, SQL, Machine Learning, and more, preparing students to analyze data, create machine learning models, and master data visualization. With live lectures, real-company capstone projects, and extensive career support, Constructor Academy is not just about learning data science—it's about applying it in the real world and carving out a successful career in tech.

Choosing Constructor Academy means opting for a program that prioritizes real-world application and offers a robust network for professional development. For those looking to make a significant impact in the tech world while balancing practical skills with theoretical knowledge, Constructor Academy provides an excellent launch pad. Dive into this transformative journey and begin your adventure in data science with one of Germany's most innovative bootcamps.

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