AnalyzeMyMusic - A data analytics app for your Spotify listening history


AnalyzeMyMusic - A data analytics app for your Spotify listening history

Project by: Hristo Georgiev, David Furrer
Hristo Georgiev David Furrer
Hristo Georgiev David Furrer


AnalyzeMyMusic is an application that allows users to analyze their listening history on Spotify. Our students wanted to work on a project using data from one of today’s most popular apps and give users appealing visualizations. After a quick brainstorming session,  they thought about Spotify’s popular “Your year in review” - basically a recap of a listener’s behavior in the past year with nicely represented statistics. Hristo and David started digging through Spotify’s API to see if they give you enough important data on your listening history to achieve the same thing as Spotify’s yearly recaps, only in real-time. They soon realized that getting this information led to cool features such as song recommendations to build a playlist.

The application is equipped with the following features and works as follows: 
1.    Log in to your Spotify account
2.    Have your listening history analyzed
3.    Create highly customizable playlists

Tools and technologies used in this project:
  • NEXT.js
  • Tailwind
  • TypeScript
  • Chart.js
  • Nivo
  • Spotify

Project details

According to our two students, user behavior has changed a lot in the last few decades in terms of the medium and experience of listening to music. From vinyl to CD-ROM, iPod, ... to streaming, which is based on data. The big difference in today’s world is that data used for the application is automatically generated when using a streaming platform such as Spotify.

To use the service of AnalyzeMyMusic, users have to log in on their website with their Spotify account and accept the Terms and Conditions of the service. The interface of the website is dynamic with adjustable time periods for the listening history. On the homepage, you get a rough overview of the music you listen to. On another view, you get more detailed information about top tracks, albums, and the corresponding details like speechiness, liveness, energy, danceability, and so on. On the platform, there is also a direct player where you can listen to songs with the data superimposed. Another feature is the accurate history, which can be faded in so that a good song is never lost.

The most popular feature is the playlist function that allows you to add just one song and get a suggestion of related songs from the same genre. And a final fun fact – the playlist that we played at the party after the final presentation of our Capstone project was created with our app.

The application is available as a desktop version and as a mobile version.

AnalyzeMyMusic Grafik


The following has been defined for the next steps in this project:
  • more visualizations
  • lyric feature
  • invite friends

If you are looking for new music or just want to know what your top genres or artists are, I recommend trying AnlayzeMyMusic.


Hristo Georgiev, David Furrer says:

Get interactive, beautiful insights into your music history on Spotify.

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