Interview with Full-Stack alumnus, Robert Carr

by Livia Schmid

Interview Robert Carr

Could you introduce yourself? What were you doing before you joined the Full-Stack Development Bootcamp at Constructor Academy?

“Hi, my name is Robert Carr and I am from the United States. In previous jobs I worked in environmental conservation, and I have a degree in Photography. It was a big transition for me to start working in front of a computer, when I was still used to being outside a lot. What made me want to switch careers is the growing importance of having technical skills in today's job world. Especially in environmental conservation, I thought it was useful to have technical know-how in order to generate added value.”

What did you learn during the Bootcamp?

“Within the tech industry, everything moves so fast that you continuously have to stay up-to-date and stay curious and willing to learn. The program gave me a good foundation of skills and inaugurated me to the mindset of “every day is a learning opportunity”.”

How did you experience the capstone project phase?

“In my opinion, the capstone project phase is really special since you’re able to apply what you learned only weeks or days before applying it to a professional-level project. Many students worked in collaboration with a company and so did I with my team of classmates. The chance of working on a project that has the potential to be used in the market is really cool.”

Why did you choose Constructor Academy?

“The main reason I chose Constructor Academy was its curriculum. I was moving to Belgium when I decided to take part in a coding bootcamp, so I wanted a quality program to gain a solid skill set and I wanted to have it fast. What convinced me about Constructor Academy was that they teach technologies that no other bootcamp has on its curriculum such as Python which is so important in general (especially as a bridge to Data Science yet it typically does not feature on a Full-Stack Development bootcamp). After I evaluated my research and considered different options, I just figured that this was the best fit for me, even if I couldn’t attend in-person.”

How was life after the bootcamp?

“Constructor Academy was a big help in terms of job search and the preparation for interviews. They have a lot of connections in Switzerland and connect you with potential employers with job vacancies. Being in Antwerp, I couldn't profit a lot from the network in Switzerland but I benefited from their help in terms of preparation. I got a job after the bootcamp as a Full-Stack Developer. I now work at a startup called Pitchdrive, which connects early-stage startups with investors and vice-versa. Coming from a completely different métier, it was definitely the right decision for me to join the Full-Stack Development Bootcamp remotely at Constructor Academy.”

Thanks a lot, Robert. We wish you all the best for your professional and private future.

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